The mission of the Texas-wide grassroots that is containing with the Deaf Rights Activists from bottom to up supporting the Human Rights.

Rio Grande Valley Project Liaison

Hello! Donna Valverde- Hummel here. I serve as a liaison between the deaf community on the Rio Grande Valley project committee. I work with other vested organizations to establish training and other possible projects for the Rio Grande Valley. The goal of the project is to implement concrete and tangible services that will promote quality of life and education for the deaf and hard of hearing in the area, while educating stakeholders on deafness.

We are seeking local Valley stakeholders who are willing to consult on this project. Feel free to contact me at


The mission of the Texas Deaf Grassroots shall be for the people to live without being judged, protect communication accessibility, improve the education system, to help grow the economic power of our diversity, with respect to the communities.

Education Advocacy

The Texas Deaf Grassroots brings a better quality of life for the Deaf Community, pursuing for better job opportunities, improving education in Deaf Programs in Residential and Public school’s systems, removing communication barriers, giving more to the community, and making American Sign Language as an official language of deaf populations.

Deaf Community

The TDG shall be the backbone of the deaf community, to support and monitor, in the goal to unify the deaf population. The TDG shall work with and for any local officiants, any organizations, agencies, any clubs, and Deaf, Deaf/Blind, Deaf/Disabled people in State of Texas as it relates to the communities.

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